Anetac Emerges gets $16M in Funding

Anetac, a Silicon Valley startup protecting companies from blind spots of service accounts in hybrid environments, announced its emergence from stealth mode. The company also announced a funding investment totaling $16 million which will bring necessary disruption to the identity and security market by providing an intuitive, rapidly deployable SaaS solution. The streaming solution offers real-time visibility, enabling users to discover, monitor and respond to the large threat surface exploited via service accounts. These threats include but are not limited to large standing privileges, shared use, lack of credential rotation and dormancy of an account.

The Anetac Dynamic Identity and Security Platform was forged to tackle a problem plaguing nearly every organization in every industry: unmonitored or poorly monitored service accounts, tokens, API and access keys. According to Anetac research data, service accounts outnumber user accounts by 30-45 times. Unlike static scanning tools, Anetac’s solution offers real-time streaming and visibility into service account access chains, protocols, security hygiene, privilege escalations and indicators of attack and compromise, enabling security teams to quickly identify and remediate vulnerabilities before malicious actors can exploit them.

Anetac started with a group of seven founders with a deep understanding of the cyber security challenges a hybrid enterprise faces and how a dynamic problem requires a dynamic solution. Anetac is already establishing a diverse customer base by servicing markets including leading airlines, banks, colleges, mining and other critical businesses and infrastructure while demonstrating the global problem of rising data breaches.

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