Eonite Perception Raises $5.25 Million

Eonite Perception, a startup dedicated to making machines understand the real world, today announced it completed a $5.25 million seed round of equity funding from leading Silicon Valley venture capitalists and angels, including Lightspeed Venture Partners, Signia Venture Partners, Presence Capital, The VR Fund, Rising Tide, CLI Ventures, Andy Bechtolsheim (co-founder of Sun Microsystems and current founder, Chief Development Officer and Chairman of Arista Networks), Amr Awadallah (Founder and CTO at Cloudera), Greg Castle, Greg Richardson, Nader Shenouda, and others.

Eonite launched with two products: Vantage Head Tracker™ inside-out positional tracking system for tethered and mobile Virtual and Augmented Reality headsets that supports 6 degrees of freedom, is jitter free, and runs at very low latency on a mobile class CPU, and Reality Insight™ SDK, a home scale, real-time, 3D scanning and reconstruction SDK and Unity plugin, supporting persistent virtual content, occlusions, and shadows. Both products are built on Eonite’s 3D mapping and ego-tracking system, which uses commodity dense depth sensors and has three key capabilities that enable it to operate in the real world: sub-millimeter accuracy, low latency, and robust global localization.

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