PawnGuru Raises $2.5M in Series A Funding

PawnGuru, an online marketplace connecting pawn shops and consumers, closed a $2.5m Series A funding. The round was led by Impact America Fund and Invest Detroit Ventures with participation from angel investors.


With PawnGuru, consumers now have the ability to receive offers for items they want to sell or pawn from pawnshops in their local area via email or text. PawnGuru has revolutionized the pawnshop industry by building an easy to use online platform that allows current and new pawnshop customers easy access to America’s leading local pawnshops, and pawnshops easy access to an entirely new customer base.


With PawnGuru, getting new customers has never been faster or easier for pawnshops. At PawnGuru, local pawnshops have easy access to new customers, and the system places the pawnshops in the enviable position to assist high quality consumers with their financing, selling, and purchasing needs.

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