Salesfusion Completes its Series B Funding Round at $13.5M

Salesfusion, the leading marketing automation provider to small and medium sized-businesses (SMB), announced today the close of its Series B funding round. Adding $10.1M to the initial tranche raised in 2014, the company closed its Series B with a total of $13.5M raised, bringing its total capital raised to $14.5M.

Salesfusion provides an easy to use marketing automation platform that allows sales and marketing teams to be successful. Helping small and mid-sized businesses attract new opportunities, convert them into customers and nurture them into lifetime relationships, Salesfusion stands out with its sophisticated functionality yet simple approach.

While traditional marketing automation platforms were designed to consolidate and optimize marketing tasks, they do very little to create a unified sales funnel or facilitate the crucial handoffs between sales and marketing. This is because they were created around a linear model: marketing warms leads and pushes them to sales. However, this doesn’t address what happens when leads aren’t ready to buy yet.

Today’s buying process is significantly more complex. Marketers need to ensure that leads aren’t wasted. If they aren’t ready to buy at the time sales engages with them, marketers need to know so they can continue to nurture them in a consistent and personalized way.


Salesfusion uniquely solves this problem with a CRM-style relational database and native integration to the leading CRM platforms. By creating a bi-directional flow between sales and marketing, Salesfusion ensures that no lead is left behind. Marketers are able to push leads to sales based on perceived interest or engagement while sales can send them back for further nurturing if the lead isn’t ready to buy. Not only that, sales can directly influence the buyer’s experience by selecting which campaign is the best fit for the prospect based on their conversations–all from inside the CRM.

This approach creates a unified funnel and offers clear visibility into the buyer journey to better prioritize outreach. Purpose-built for B2B companies who want to align sales and marketing, Salesfusion will help you engage buyers in long-term relationships, drive more qualified leads, improve conversion rates and increase revenue. More than 400 companies of every size partner with us to streamline processes and accelerate demand creation. With our platform, they are able to quickly realize the value of marketing automation.

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