Somnoware Closes $9 Million in Series A Funding

Somnoware Healthcare Systems, a cloud-based platform for sleep wellness and sleep disorder management, today announced it has secured $9 million in Series A funding. The funding round was led by TransLink Capital, with participation from World Innovation Lab (WiL) and existing investors. The investment will be used by Somnoware to further fulfill its mission to connect, organize, and analyze clinical sleep information, enabling customers to better manage sleep apnea, lower costs, and improve patient outcomes.


Somnoware is the exclusive software partner of Welltrinsic, a national network founded by American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM). Somnoware is on a mission to simplify sleep. Research studies conclude that better sleep is key to better health. We believe the future of sleep wellness requires not increasingly complex and fragmented solutions but a rather seamless platform that applies today’s latest innovations.


omnoware is helping sleep medicine evolve from volume-based care to value-based care. It’s a pioneer solution for a new, patient-centered commitment to everyone’s health and well-being.

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