TruStar Raises $2M

TruSTAR, the enterprise platform for anonymous cyber incident sharing and collaboration, today announced that it has raised $2 million in a seed round of funding led by Resolute Ventures with participation from other Silicon Valley investors. This initial funding will be used to accelerate product development and expand the team to meet the demands of TruSTAR’s rapidly growing customer base.

Collaborative cybersecurity initiatives have consistently been held back by the simple fact that sharing useful incident data could not be done without some level of legal, market, privacy or reputational risk to companies. This risk either prevents or greatly delays organizations from participating in the exchange of actionable cyber incident data, as companies understandably must first work to understand the potential liability. In order to improve our cybersecurity defenses, it is critical that we remove, or at least materially reduce, the risks of sharing cyber incident data. TruSTAR directly meets this challenge.

TruSTAR delivers technology to break down the barriers to timely incident sharing and coordinated response, and in doing so, will help usher in a new paradigm of connective defense.

TruSTAR is the industry’s first global anonymous cyber incident-sharing platform for businesses. TruSTAR protects and incentivizes enterprises to share cyber threat information through their privacy-preserving sharing, correlation, and collaboration technology.

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