Zededa raises $3M Seed Round

ZEDEDA announced it closed $3.06 million in seed-stage funding. As the Internet of Things (IoT) creates exponential growth with IoT-related spending surpassing an estimated $1 trillion by 2020, ZEDEDA is pioneering a secure, cloud-native approach to scaling out the real-time edge applications for solutions ranging from self-driving cars to industrial robots. Backers included Wild West Capital and Almaz Capital.


The IoT phenomenon is taking the world by storm but the impact of IoT is only now coming to light. With computing power getting less and less expensive, IoT is effectively digitizing every aspect of the physical world. Every interaction is generating data and providing a means for applications to take action. But the true power of this new cyber-physical world comes through when applications use data and take action in real-time.


Real-time apps are the backbone of digital transformation and real-time business. But for businesses to truly transform they can’t rely on cloud technologies just moving to embedded systems and embedded systems can’t support the agility and scale required to compete in a cloud world. Edge computing needs to be real-time AND cloud native. This paper outlines the essentials to start moving the industry toward a cloud native future.

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